Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fudge, I miss my cat

I really do. Gosh darn it, he was just so awesome. So friendly and loving. John and I used to joke that our animals were equally parts dog and cat since Cujo would climb on the backs of furniture and Odin would wait for us when we got home. He knew when the garage door opened, that meant we would come home and there were almost always four little orange feet under the door when we would walk up the stairs. We didn't let him sleep in our bedroom because he would walk all over our faces at like 5 am but without fail he was outside our door at about 6:30 every morning meowing. It was hilarious because he had food and water and access to the litterbox; he just wanted us to watch him go to the bathroom and eat. One of us would open the door and Odin would race down the hallway to the litterbox as if we had just put it down.
I miss him every day and John has been having anxiety dreams about him every other night. I just miss him.

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