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Monday, June 29, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Last Friday night John, John's Daddy and I went out to one of our favorite restaurants for a delicious dinner. There was a three year old in the booth next to us who became our new best friend. (Ok, I didn't want this to be a long winded, when-is-the-train-coming-into-the-station post, but oh well. My father in law is the sweetest man ever. He is really could be one of Santa's elves. As we were waiting for dinner he told us that he was the Pied Piper and that when he had our dog, my sister in law's dog and his dog at his house, he relished that they followed him around because he always had treats. He told us that dogs and kids always love him because he has treats all the time. At dinner, our booth neighbors were two adults and a small girl who was eating a piece of pizza and standing up in the booth and staring at everyone. She looked at my father in law and he smiled and waved at her. About 4 minutes later the little girl and her mom came over and the mom said, "She has been talking about you nonstop. She wanted to come over and meet you because when she was looking at people, you were the only one who smiled back." Yeah, a random kid sought out my father in law because he is so sweet and wonderful.) Here are some choice exchanges from our conversation.

AGirlNamedStewart: "When is your birthday?"
3 Year Old: "That's the day I was born."

AGNS: "Do you have any pets?"
3YO: "Two. One is a dog and her name is Lilly and she is a black dog. She lives at our house. One is a cat named Bean and she lives in cat heaven."

The little girl also had an invisible friend named Sauncy who was very, very bad and does bad things all the time.

It goes without saying that Friday's dinner was one of the best meals I've had in a long time.

Feeling Scrappy!

My wonderful friend ButtercupGurl has passed the Honest Scrap Award to yours truly! I have to list 10 honest things about myself. What a great way to combine my 2 favorite things: honesty and talking about myself. :)

1) I am an honest person and I'm happy most of the time. It irritates me when negative people with no couth say, "Well, at least no one has to wonder if I'm lying. I always tell my opinion." I always tell my opinion too. I'm just happy and upbeat and usually don't have anything negative to say.

2) I have no desire to birth children. I really want to be a parent and the best way for John and I to do that, I feel, is adoption. There are so many children, especially brothers and sisters who want to grow up together, who need a loving home.

3) I miss my iPhone! I LOVE my iPhone! I stepped on it in late March and gave it a nice big crack in the screen. I ordered a replacement screen but it hasn't been installed yet.

4) I have never seen the Pacific Ocean. I'm looking forward to it when I visit Oregon in August!

5) I think that a wedding day truly is the bride's day. If she wants everyone to wear bathing suits to the wedding then everyone wears bathing suits to the wedding. If she wants to have pie instead of cake, eat pie and be happy.

6) I had no clue how rewarding doing my own home repairs is till we bought our new house. It's not fun or easy but I'm learning alot and we are saving a ton of money!

7) I have the best in laws in the world.

8) I hate it when people have bad breath! Carrying some mints or gum is easy and cheap. I always offer gum to people and sometimes when they turn it down, I want to shake them. (Note to people who read this blog who I've offered gum to: I don't ONLY offer it when someone has bad breath. I also just really like to share yummy gum!)

9) I think that one spouse is required to take care of the other spouse to the same degree, if not a greater one, than they take care of themselves. Marriage is both a lifelong expression of love and a responsibility. If you want your spouse to change some aspect of themselves or their lives you can't nag and whine. You have to take action and work together to do it.

10) The only illegal drug I have ever done is drink moonshine.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from vacation

John and I had a WONDERFUL 5 day long vacation in Bermuda! It was part honeymoon, part family vacation. My dad does research there most summers so Brandon and I are really familiar with it. The first 3 nights John and I stayed in a dorm with my parents and in an inn/ bed and breakfast for the other 2 nights while Brandon and Emily were in the dorm with my parents. Though the vacation was relaxing it wasn't ideal. The weather was the worst I've seen on the island in all of my trips. John was a trooper but I felt badly that I couldn't take him to all the beautiful beaches and gorgeous sights I love on the island. It rained steadily our first day there so we went to the Royal Naval Dockyard. There are alot of sights to see there, but there is a large area that's a museum with several buildings on it that I've never seen before. It costs $10 to get it, but it was really worth it! It's the home of the highest ranking officer at the Naval Base and it's so beautiful. Some of the other buildings had exhibits about sailing in Bermuda, electricity in Bermuda, and one of the buildings had an area where you could swim with dolphins! Since it was a windy, rainy day, John and I just watched other people swim with dolphins. Our second day was the only day that it didn't rain. It was pretty windy and a little overcast, though. We went snorkeling at Tobacco Bay and it was GORGEOUS!!! I forgot what a site it is to walk up the hill to Tobacco Bay and go around the corner and see the bay, the beach and the ocean. Due to the wind John had to help me swim outside of the reefs that surround the bay. We saw beautiful fish: parrotfish, seargant majors, squirrelfish, and so many more! It was totally beautiful

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not kid-ding

I buy and wear kid's clothes. I've stopped shopping EXCLUSIVELY in the kids section because I really don't want to be on "What Not To Wear", but I will sing the praises of the girls sections of Target, Gap and Old Navy to anyone who will listen. Why pay $25 for a cotton tank top when the girls XL costs 1/3 of that? When I tell people this they are shocked because it must mean that I'm SUPER SKINNY and that I LOVE LOOKING LIKE A SIX YEAR OLD. Allow me to present photographic evidence that the girls (not juniors, actual girls) section could be the best friend to all petite gals.
The multicolored plaid shorts on the hanger are women's size 5 shorts from Target. The blue and white shorts in front are a girls XL. I didn't have a ruler to break out, but the women's shorts are about 3/4 inch longer in the waist than the girls shorts are. So, chances are that women who wear Target's size one and three have smaller waists than girls wearing the XL shorts. Also:
Do you see how the girls shorts are LONGER than the women's shorts? The rise is a smidge longer and the inseam is at least an inch longer. It's especially evident in the caboose:
That is a good deal more coverage with the girls shorts, my friends.
Guess which pair I bought? Yup, for $5 less, I bought the pair with more fabric. So the next time you think someone has to be skinny as a rail, not dress fashionably, or wear ill-fitting clothes to shop in the kids department, consider yourself schooled.

Though our ability to write more than 2 relevant sentences has.

This was in our little Sunday ad/ coupon/ topical news delivery we get:
Yup, it hasn't gone away yet. IF ONLY MORE PEOPLE WOULD USE THIS PRODUCT! THEN SWINE FLU WOULD GO AWAY! Rabble:roused. Good job, reaaaallllly lazy editor.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

There's a reason his name isn't Lassie

Last night I was playing with Cujo after his bath and I decided to see what kind of rescue dog he would be. How would he respond in an emergency? I lay down on the bedroom floor, face down, and started saying "Help! Help!" Cujo tried to move my hands so I would pet him. I continued to cry for help, and he ran out of the bedroom. I heard him running around like crazy in the living room and kitchen. I thought, "Oh great! He's going to the doors trying to get out and find help, or he's looking for another person in the house. He would try and save me! He understands!" After a little bit of running around, the dog gallops into the bedroom with a toy in his mouth, jumps on the bed, and drops the toy on me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So mad I could blog!

Last night we had prosepctive buyers come look at the house and the feedback we got was that John and I needed to remove the fridge or clean it out because the agent and her clients didn't like that we have frozen mice in the freezer. OH MY GOD. The fridge doesn't come with the house, so screw you. Also, why in the HALE were they going through our personal stuff? I am SO LIVID.

Friday, June 5, 2009

All the different kinds of missing

Since John moved out over Christmas, this is the longest amount of time we've been apart in our relationship. I moved in with him after we dated for 5 months. John moved to Columbia during Christmas time last year. By the time I move down to Columbia over July 4th weekend we will have been apart for over 6 months.
When he first moved out I really missed him, but in a different way than I miss him now. John and Mike both moved out at the same time, so our house went from having 3 people in it to just me. It was the middle of winter and it sucked to be home all by myself when it was cold and dark. Plus, alot of exciting events were happening in DC and Maryland and that only compounded my feelings of alone-ness. During the inaugruation almost all of my DC friends and coworkers were busy doing all kinds of exciting things. One of my cousins had a baby in late January so my family was busy and happy and I couldn't be a part of it.
In the recent weeks I've missed him in a different way. Our 2 year anniversary was a few weeks ago and it seems like every little thing around the house reminds me of him. He used to lay out on the hammock and talk to me on the phone, so every time I see the hammock I think of him. The Mexicans in the trailer park next to us play their music super loudly and I remember being on the phone with him and hearing it, so the Mexican music reminds me of him.
I know that we're very lucky to see each other every weekend, but I still can't wait to move in with him (again)!