Monday, April 27, 2009

The shirt isn't helping

This is high fashion on the job site. It's a safety shirt. All the safety crew wear these bright yellow shirts and a subcontractor gave me a spare shirt as a little gift. It didn't help. I'm still not safe:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Early night!

Whew! I got done my homework at 8 pm. I don't know what to do with myself.

Here are some differences that I've noticed between living by myself and 3-4 people living in a house:

Here are all my dirty dishes for a week

Here are John, Allie, Alex and Mike's dirty dishes for a week:

Yeah, smidge bit of a difference.

Happy Secretary's Day to me!

I had a GREAT secretary's day! In all candor, I think it's an anachronistic and condescending holiday. Why don't sales people get a day? Why don't project managers or waitresses get a day? Nevertheless, the day was fantastic. I got breakfast and snacks for the 2 women who I supervise and for the wonderful document manager who covers the phones, signs for deliveries, etc when needed. Two project managers from site also took 2 of us out to a DELICIOUS lunch. It was such a great day! Plus it was finally springtime weather. Two thumbs up in my book.
I haven't blogged in a while, so here's some abridged blogging:
- GRE prep is effective but HARD!!! I'm taking a 9 week GRE prep course. It's paying off in spades. My score has gone up 140 points and I'm learning alot of new study techniques. I'm impressed by how easy the math is. It requires less application of formulas and theories than the SAT. It's much more applicable to everyday life. For the first 3 weeks or so of the class the homework was manageable. There was about 8 hours of homework to do a week. I try to get it all done during the week so that I can dedicate my weekends to spending time with John. In the past 2 weeks the homework has really ramped up. I have about 3.5 hours of homework a night so I really have no free time. I'm hoping it all pays off and I get into school!
- It really irks me when people use Facebook, or any other social networking site, to broadcast their malaise. If something is really shocking or negative or hurtful; if it's really IMPACTFUL, then by all means, share. Part of social networking is support. However, when I see that someone's having an "off" day 3 or 4 times a week it makes me think that they just really like to whine.
- I'm so happy for one of my best friends! She moved to OREGON this week! She did a cross country drive in 4 days. Holy cow!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So pretty...

I am such a girly girl. I love all things pink and delicate and feminine. I totally found what I want for my birthday gift this year:

No, not Dolly Parton (though that would be AWESOME). The pink rocking chair! YAY! Dolly designed these beautiful pink rocking chairs for Cracker Barrel. They're only available in stores and only 1350 were made. I could buy a rocking chair and pink spray paint, but where's the Dolly-ness of that? I'm not the only one who wants to get their grubby country-loving hands on them. Some are already on eBay. Oh Dolly, how I love thee and thy synergizing, c0-branding ways.

I don't have pics from Easter, but it was great! One of the things that made it really special was that it was the first time I used our "wedding" china. One of my great-aunts wanted me to have her wedding china and it is BEAUTIFUL. It is the Lenox "Rhodora" pattern and it is perfect. Here are some example pics I found online:

The sorbet/ champagne glass and luncheon plate that are clear in these pictures are peachy/pink in my collection. It is SO PERFECT!!! It is exactly what I would pick out. It means even more to me since it's been in my family for 3 generations now. I LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh, what a difference a realtor makes!

Our house is on the market again, and this time the real estate agents seem MUCH more promising! I thought I picked a winner with our last real estate agent, but I was dead wrong. There was a house in our neighborhood that is the exact same as ours that he sold in about 2 months and I really thought he could help us sell ours. I won't enumerate all the reasons why he sucked, but John and I let him go/ took our house off the market after less than 2 months with him.
The new real estate agents actually want to sell our house! It's amazing! It's a family team of real estate agents and John and I feel much more confident. They came and took actual decent pictures of our house, and even mowed the grass and did yard work! I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that we get the house sold in a decent time. The agents are motivated, we're motivated, let's hope there's a buyer who's motivated!

Friday, April 10, 2009

You know what it probably is? Feces

It's a SLOW, rainy day at work. I haven't had a slow day in about 10 months, so I'm relishing every internet-surfing minute.
This whole week I've had a very interesting problem. I keep smelling poop. Phantom poop. Last week and this week Cujo's been sick and he's crapped yucky, sick dog craps in the house (the house in Columbia, the house in Greer, a relative's house...). I'm very poop concious because of that. Now I'm randomly smelling doodie in places where it does not exist. Not fun.

Getting excited for Easter!

YAY!!! Easter is so close to being here! This is the second year that John and I will host Easter. I really want it to be "our" holiday. We have 15 people coming. It's a real grown up holiday now! I'll post pics!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I had the perfect wedding!

And the perfect reception!
I am sooo happy!