Saturday, November 12, 2011

The worst part about false labor...

isn't the pain, it's the disappointment of not getting to actually go into labor and meet our daughter. Our Bradley instructor told us multiple times that labor often starts in the evening and subsides in the middle of the night and will pick up again in the morning. I've had extended periods of false labor over the past 10 days but the worst/ most like real labor was last night. I was just convinced that we were going to head to the hospital and then...nothing. I can handle the pain, but waking up this morning and going through today with just sporadic contractions is the absolute worst. I really, really thought I was showing all the signs of early labor. Grumble grumble.


jules said...

I was just checking my tumblr account to see if you'd had your little girl yet and realised you'd deactivated your account, such a shame your posts often had me laughing! Il certainly miss following you.
Good luck with motherhood I'm sure you'll be great.

Jules xxx (thetigerwhocametotea)

Anonymous said...

:( I hated that had me more anxious than I already was. It's going to be okay little mama...Shay "the destractor" will take care of you. ;) So much love and good warm and fuzzy vibes your way!!