Monday, October 29, 2007

I have a blog! I have a blog! Everybody loves me, I have a blog!

So, in the theme of bringing myself up to the techno-saviness of 2005 (See Also: ipod:ownership of and MySpace page: creating) I have a blog! WHEE!!!
My lateness is compounded by the fact that I promised myself that when I moved to SC, I would start a blog. How wonderful! All my East Coast friends and family can see what I'm doing! I took pictures for it! I wrote entries in my brain! And now, nearly 3 weeks later, here it is. In my defense I've been REALLY BUSY! I freakin moved over 4 states, got laid off, started a new job, cleaned a house that could have been a set for "frat boy drug den" on Law and me, it was alot. And maybe not "frat boy drug den", as neither Mike nor John are frat boys or drug dealers. More like a set for a Law and Order where a beautiful redhead died of mysterious tripping related injuries. I digress.
Here it is! My blog! My goal for blogging (blogoal?) is to rival Daphne in pics and postings. She is awesome. Yall should check her out at
More posts and pics to come!

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