Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm back!!!

Hi Kids!
Here I am! Hahahah 6 months later and all ready to blog!
So in the most navel gazing of navel gazings, I'm freaking out over my upcoming (in like 14 months) wedding other grown up stuff. In the 2 weeks I've been engaged I've had the following dreams:
1) I'm looking at pictures of wedding cakes and bridesmaids' dresses with other women. Some of them are really women I know in real life and some of them are just in my dream. The ones in my dream are wedding planners, I think. I'm telling them all that this isn't what I want and I'm getting frustrated because they won't listen to me.
2) John and I are drawing up a legal document where if he dies before we have children I will save his sperm and artificially inseminate myself. Later on I see John typing to someone on AIM and he's saying that he wouldn't want to be a father even if he's dead.
3) I'm 12 weeks pregnant and it's a total surprise. I took a pregnancy test that somehow tells me I'm 12 weeks pregnant and it's a girl. The girl is somehow Indian. Like the baby inside of me is Eastern Indian even though it's John's and mine biological child. In the dream I'm really concerned because I just got done with my period and can't understand how I'm pregnant. The biggest concern in this dream is how John will deal with this.

So, I'm sure there will be WAAAY more to come. I'm don't think my dreams are very symbolic (all of these are pretty literal). So, tune in for more dreams that slightly distort my reality!

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