Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Interwebs!

I'm baaaaack! Yay! No Lenten internet exile for me. I was playing Laura Ingalls Wilder and didn't have TV or internet for about 3 weeks! The weekend of February 22nd John took the internet and Dish TV with him to Columbia. At first, I was completely fine not having either. I missed watching national news, but there's enough stuff to do around the house to keep me busy. We are moving, after all! Also, I can get modified internet on my iPhone, so I could still check my email, Facebook, MySpace, etc. I am pinching every penny and didn't want to sign an agreement that I would have to cancel and pay an early termination fee, since I will be moving to Columbia sometime later this spring. All well and good, yes? Plus, I get to engage in my favorite sport, being a snot, by telling people that I didn't watch TV.
My mind is changed for several reasons. Primarily, I realized I had been dragging my feet (for several reasons, some normal, some therapist couch-y) on applying to grad school. The GRE is now given online. My study guides can only do so much. To competitively compare, I HAD to study the GRE online. Secondarily, a woman who I work with shot my money saving idea to pot. Her husband works for AT&T and she told me about BellSouth's DSL service that has NO contract. She is completely accurate: NO CONTRACT and you keep the service for up to 48 months, month by month. We don't have a landline so DSL is a little more expensive, but it will still cost me $40-$45 per month to have internet access. I can totally swing that. Additionally, up until this week at work, my schedule has been more hectic than I can describe. Since January 2nd, it has (figuratively) been balls to the wall. In February 2008 people started telling me that the first quarter of 2009 would be NUTS and would be busier than I could ever imagine. Right now my company is 1) Building a new paint shop 2) Will be running car bodies from the existing paint shop to some areas of the new paint shop beginning April 1st 3) Beginning demolition of the existing paint shop. It is INSANE. I am so glad I take Adderall b/c I don't have time to eat. I don't have time to DRINK in the mornings; my coffee or tea gets tepid before I can finish it. I have very seriously considered wearing Depends to work because some days I very genuinely do not have time to go to the bathroom. We have employees, and I do mean Durr employees, not tradesmen in the field, working every hour of the day. We are on 2 12 hour shifts every day of the week. This leaves me no free time at work at all. Things that I can't do on my phone (book hotel rooms, navigate between multiple bank websites, sign up for GRE prep courses) were impossible because I didn't have time for them at work. I needed the internet do to personal stuff at home.
So here I am! With only two phone calls to AT&T, I am all DSL-ed up!I am ready to roll! Blogging here I come! Well, now it's sleeping here I come, hahaha.


SquirrelGurl said...

You used the word "tepid" in your post...


that word creeps me out!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again! Now, it is off to sleep for me . . . on the cummuter bus.

At least you didn't use the word "gamey" . . . That's my creep-out word!