Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Memorial Day recap

I'm back! I'm in a meeting but blogging my face off! We did a grand tour of furniture shopping this weekend. We picked out 2 recliners that were a great compromise: they are slim and modern but still are comfy when you lay down in them. We also got this AWESOME sofa that beats all the other sofas in the world:
It's so comfy!!! It's some space age magic material that we can clean really easily. Dogs and dirty feet are A-Ok! The 2 end seats are recliners and the middle seat folds down and is a tray with 2 cupholders. The big wonderful selling point for me was that the reclining pieces MASSAGE. So you can sit on our sofa and get a nice, relaxing massage. OH YEAH. If all goes well John and crew will be picking the new furniture up today. I can't wait!

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