Friday, June 5, 2009

All the different kinds of missing

Since John moved out over Christmas, this is the longest amount of time we've been apart in our relationship. I moved in with him after we dated for 5 months. John moved to Columbia during Christmas time last year. By the time I move down to Columbia over July 4th weekend we will have been apart for over 6 months.
When he first moved out I really missed him, but in a different way than I miss him now. John and Mike both moved out at the same time, so our house went from having 3 people in it to just me. It was the middle of winter and it sucked to be home all by myself when it was cold and dark. Plus, alot of exciting events were happening in DC and Maryland and that only compounded my feelings of alone-ness. During the inaugruation almost all of my DC friends and coworkers were busy doing all kinds of exciting things. One of my cousins had a baby in late January so my family was busy and happy and I couldn't be a part of it.
In the recent weeks I've missed him in a different way. Our 2 year anniversary was a few weeks ago and it seems like every little thing around the house reminds me of him. He used to lay out on the hammock and talk to me on the phone, so every time I see the hammock I think of him. The Mexicans in the trailer park next to us play their music super loudly and I remember being on the phone with him and hearing it, so the Mexican music reminds me of him.
I know that we're very lucky to see each other every weekend, but I still can't wait to move in with him (again)!

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