Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Open Letter to T-Mobile

Hey T-Mobile,
I hate you. You make my life difficult and you make every day tasks annoying and arduous. I have NO T-Mobile reception in my house. I am a housewife. We have no landline. The only way I know if someone's called me is if I leave the house to check my voicemail. Oh wait, there is about 5 square feet of space in the living room where I get reception. I have a house to unpack, termite exterminators to contact, grad school to apply to, floor repair people to schedule, and I have to tether myself to this TERRIBLE PHONE THAT I HATE WITH NO SERVICE. I have to look up, say, carpet repair online, write the number down, go across the street to my neighbor's yard where I do get reception, and call from there. Oh, and pray that a live person picks up, because if I leave a voicemail and someone calls me back, I only know if I have a voicemail when I leave the house. If there was an emergency that didn't happen in the living room in the teeny area where I get service, I have no way to contact anyone. My husband ordered some cell phone booster gizmo from the internet and you best cross all your fingers that thing works, or else I am off to the Sprint store down the street so fast I will leave a hole in the wall, Wile E. Coyote style.
A Girl Named Stewart

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