Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh shoot.

My part-time job as a liquor promoter takes me to a local Army base almost every week. Since my vehicle doesn't have a fancy Army approved decal on it, I have to check in with the MPs. This is a usually painless process of showing them my driver's license, registration and insurance and explaining why I'm coming on base. Leading up to the entrance area, which looks like several toll booths, there are signs warning about prohibited items. I was waiting in line to get checked in and was getting out my registration from my glove compartment and OH CRAP...there's one of John's handguns in my glove compartment. Yikes yikes yikes! All I could think was how NOT fun it would be to have to explain to several MPs why a civilian was taking a concealed weapon that did not belong to them on an Army base. WOW. Fortunately my car wasn't searched so I was in the clear but my lesson was definitely learned. The car is now a 100% gun free zone!

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