Thursday, October 22, 2009

Said the flea to the fly, let us flee! Then I killed them.

I am on a mission. I HATE FLEAS. There is so much back story here. Deep breaths.
Cujo is on monthly flea control. The way this works is the fleas have to bite him to get the poison, which kills the fleas in a day or so and disrupts their reproductive cycle. So they still have a good 24 hours to eat his delicious blood. Since he has hair, not fur, he has less protection and the fleas REALLY wail on him. He itches and itches and and eats himself raw. I spent a good bit of money earlier this year to get the infections in his skin cleaned up. I HATE FLEAS.
Since we moved down to Columbia Cujo has occaisionally picked up fleas either from other people's houses or from doggie daycare. So I thought. SO. I. THOUGHT. We figured out this weekend that the fleas are coming from our backyard! The assault begins.
John ordered some insane pesticide online that is actually illegal in South Carolina. Take that, natural wildlife! All of the carpet inside of our house has been sprayed and powdered, along with the cloth furniture. Cujo had lots and lots of flea baths and I've washed all of our linens. I have to get them away from me!!!

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