Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm trying something new. I love oversharing. However, some people don't like to hear about the lovemaking and pooping and boogers and Brazilian waxes of my life. Cool. If for some reason someone is on my blog and does not want to read about stuff that may make you blush, I'll be posting it in white. So you'll have to highlight it to read it. So no one can get mad at me for posting information that is too personal online because in order to read it you would have to come to my site (indicator one that you have some active interest in my life) AND THEN highlight the information. Active participation, people. (For anyone who hasn't talked to me in the last 6 months, this is a direct reaction to my entire family's reaction to my wedding pictures on facebook. More accurately, the fact that John got married to me in a shirt that says "I shaved my balls for this?" and my aunts, uncles, brother, parents and cousins saw this on facebook and decided to act like John had gotten married to me while simutaneously taking a dump on a kitten, doing a line of blow off a hooker's ass, burning the American flag, and giving the finger to a bus filled with orphans. Apparently by posting the pictures I made them look at something that they didn't like, and yet they kept clicking. And talking. And clicking. It's cool, family. John didn't need to be accepted by you. It's not like his family in South Carolina has welcomed me with open arms or anything.) Ahem. Now, on to our regularly scheduled programming.

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