Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This displeases me greatly

Comedians, please start being funny again. We were watching a Comedy Central special and it was the guy who won "Last Comic Standing". I only know this because he said it about a dozen times. His name was Jon Reep and the title of his special was "Metro Jethro". His schtick was about how anyone can relate to people from small towns or the south. Jeff Foxworthy, what hell have you wrought? Ok, when a totally funny guy from small town Georgia is funny and from a small town and from the South, thumbs up all around. And then...Larry the Cable Guy. Bill Engvall. That guy who has the cigar. WE GET IT, WHITE MEN. You have wives, kids, and you're from the south. If you're on a blue collar comedy tour, don't you have a blue collar job to get back to? Hunting, dogs, NASCAR...it's done. For me at least. Finito.
Jon Reep did not have a single original bit. He didn't steal, it was just that every joke was like hearing a joke about airplane food. Yup, people in small towns do sit on their porches. They like the county fair, too. Let's hope this brand of comedy is OVER.
As PG as he is, I still love me some Jim Gaffigan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dwpY9a1-aI

You're welcome.

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