Thursday, September 2, 2010

First world problems

Yesterday was the last day for Cujo at doggie daycare. They raised their price for annual daycare by 50% (not a typo. Seriously. 50%) so that had to be nixed. That's basically the last luxury that we have.
I'm going dog walking in the mornings and afternoons. Hopefully this will be enough to tire everyone out. I just hate giving up daycare. Whine whine whine.


SquirrelGurl said...

50% ??!!

That's crazy!! Especially in this economy, I hope they realize they'll be bleeding clients...

agirlnamedstewart said...

Cujo was the (we are pretty sure) only dog who was there full time. Their rates are for daily, weekly, 6 month and annual daycare. There's no monthly option, which is wierd. Whatever.
They were SOOOOO underpriced for annual doggie daycare. We paid $1200 (!!!) for a full year of it. $1800 is the new annual price and honestly, I don't think that we could swing that but the 50% increase was the big kicker.
Also, the lady at doggie daycare got really emotional over it and that made it harder. I already felt like a jerky dog owner and it didn't help to have her grab my hands and be like,"NO! I'm going to cry! Please bring the baby back to see me!". guilt x 34756805674892