Monday, September 27, 2010

Probably won't even have the energy to shower.

I'm going to hate this semester. I just know it. I'm busy. Like, crazy busy. Like, cannot spend time with friends or family busy. John is busy at work. I can just tell we're going to be having "that" fight for basically the rest of 2010. John is wonderful at helping when he can see the value in something. However, when he doesn't, no amount of effort on my part will get him to give me any assistance. There aren't enough hours in the day to get done all the things I need to and I would really like it if he would help me walk the dogs. He doesn't think that it's a big deal. Logic, begging, fighting, pleading (including calling him crying when Bodhi pulled me down when she bolted because she was scared of a car on the road), NOTHING will get him to help me with the dogs on a regular basis. I refuse to have badly behaved dogs. They will get exercised. I just wish he could see it my way and, even if he didn't, I wish that he would acknowledge that it's important to me and help me with it, even if it's not important to him.
I know that he's a spoiled brat. Really, he is. I fully acknowledge that I play a large part in letting him live in a world where he doesn't have to clean up after himself or take responsibility for things that he doesn't like. I also know that, at this point, nothing I can do will change his mind. This has been a problem with us for over a month. I'm just done. I just want to either have more hours in the day to walk the dogs, clean the house, do my regular school work, work at my residency, and work on my thesis or have the money to have the dogs go back to daycare. I'm so drained. Thank God there's is an end in sight.

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