Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shower Apologist

I'm super uncomfortable with my baby shower. I didn't have any wedding showers, or engagement parties, or formal pictures, or bachelorette parties, so it's just very weird to be the center of gift-giving attention. After all, these people didn't get me pregnant, so why should they be responsible for my stuff?
I used to really roll my eyes at people who put expensive things on their registries. Do you really think your friends are going to buy you a crib or changing table or fancy stroller? Then I learned that many baby stores have discounts on items you registered for if you purchase them after your due date. Though it may not be the best idea to wait till after the due date to purchase a crib, I can totally see waiting to buy a stroller or breast pump or changing table after the due date if it means saving 20-25%.
Basically, if you're reading this and are coming to my shower, please don't think that I expect you to get us a big ticket item!

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Meredith said...

This is your official warning: I am celebrating you and your baby with a gift.