Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's thought is inspired by the most recent episode of "The Walking Dead".

All I'll say is that for the past few days I thought I was in a bad place, not unlike trying to survive a zombie apocolypse. Then today was like I found out that not only am I trying to eke out an existance in a zombie apocolypse, but there are contaminated zombie guts in my drinking water and I have to leave the place where I'm seeking refuge.


Crystal said...

I don't want to press, but know that your tumblr girls are worried and hoping everyone is okay with you and Ava. If you need us, we're here.

Anonymous said...

I sure do hope that my Beth is going to be okay. I love you so much and if there is anything at all that you need from me, I am so close! See you tonight!