Wednesday, January 28, 2009

re-post, but it counts as something!

I posted this on facebook today, and I'm really dedicated to blogging as much as possible. Here we go!
25 Random things
1) When I was little I used to think Dolly Parton was my Mom.
2) I wish I had a better relationship with my brother.
3) Getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me.
4) Not forwarding your email about Jesus to five people in five minutes does not make me a bad Christian.
5) I've never done my own taxes.
6) My wedding date has moved twice. Both times weren't my decision.
7) Obviously gay celebrities who don't come out of the closet irk me.
8) "Lost" is my obsession. It's one of the few things after college graduation that makes me feel like a smart person.
9) I'm uncomfortable around obese people.
10) I look at wedding pics on facebook and myspace for amusement. Looking at them makes me so happy that John and I are going to the courthouse.
11) I'm afraid that if I get my Master's I will get too late a start on biological motherhood, and that if I don't get my Master's that we won't be able to afford to give our children the lives we want to give them.
12) I can't wait to get rid of my last name.
13) I am afraid of the dark.
14) Michelle Duggar is my ideal wife and mother. When I have a choice to make or I feel myself getting frustrated, I ask myself, "What would Michelle Duggar do?"
15) Moving away from Kent County was a fantastic feeling.
16) I avoid honey at all costs because honey is the vomit of 2 bees and that's disgusting.
17) I have a pink handgun.
18) I think that I'm going to deeply regret not being with my Mom Mom in her last days, even if she is comfortable and happy.
19) People who refer to themselves as their pet's "parent" irritate me. I love my dog. I keep him healthy, exercise him, care for him, clean him, and train him to be a good canine citizen. However, he did not come out of my vagina and if you try to argue that I "adopted" him, I will think you have a very weak grasp of English.
20) I think that women who don't do their hair, wear make up and wear workout clothes/ pajamas out of the gym or house have no self respect or pride.
21) My adult life is so much better because of Al-Anon and Adderall.
22) I miss Mike.
23) I don't think there's any excuse for being an adult, living off of your parents' generosity, and not being honest about it or appreciative for it. This is one of my hugest fears about parenting.
24) I've dyed my hair the same color (basically) for close to 10 years.
25) I like to get up early during the week, but on the weekends I really like to sleep until 10 am or later.

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