Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogging, part deux

My blogging has SUCKED, I know, I know! Yeah, 10 months is pretty inexcusable. BUT here I am, blogging away again! The big news for me is that I'm living alone now. That's also the main reason why I'm blogging again: I have time to kill! Mike is hanging out with Santa Claus in North Dakota and John is bringing sexy back to his parents' house. My goal, in addition to blogging, is to take the 3 kitties that were born in the sewer in front of our house with me when I move to Columbia. They have names (Sparkling Wiggles, Captain Johnson P. Bananahammock, and China) and I'm trying to get them to be OK with hanging out with me. I've been feeding them every night and watching them through the glass door so they get used to me. Cujo vibrates like crazy and is really interested in them when they eat. Today Sparkling Wiggles was OK with me opening the door while he was eating...YAY! They usually scram. Here are some pics, thanks to my iphone (and wonderful brother).

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