Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dangerous indeed

Since my classes for the semester are almost over, I've been spending a few afternoons watching the daughter of friends of ours. Her name is Izzy and she's 3 1/2 and she is a spitfire. We have an awesome time together. She has no fears and last week was over at our house and played with Snakie. Izzy was so good! She wasn't intimidated at all and took quickly to petting him and being totally cool with him. In fact, she told me that "All the snakes like her." Photographic proof is above. We hung out again today and she had a toy to show me: her own snake, named Snakie Snake. He is rubber. As we were driving to my house she was telling me how Snakie Snake is old (He can't walk or crawl, he is so old.), he is dangerous but nice, she likes him, she knows how to hold him, he is from Madagascar, and he doesn't eat anything. We were talking about how much I like Snakie Snake and she restated that he is dangerous. She told me that he will cut me. I thought I misheard her, so I asked, "Do you mean he will bite me?"
Izzy: "No, he will cut you."
Me: "Hmm, snakes don't have arms. What will he cut me with?"
Izzy: "He is dangerous. He will cut you with a knife!"
She was so dramatic as she said it, I laughed so hard that she asked me if I was crying. Her manner of speaking was more like, "He will cut you...WITH A KNIFE!!!"

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