Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drunken ramblings

Does anyone read this? Hello, is this thing on? I am wasted (after one drink, congrats me) and just want to write in no particular order. Here's to you, internet.
1) My mother in law seriously is so great. I can't think about my MiL for too long or I will seriously start crying from happiness. She is so selfless and wonderful. I am so lucky to have her in my life. I can't wait to change her diapers.
2) Watching Izzy is bittersweet because it makes me want to adopt. I have no affinity for infants and am scared of being pregnant, but put me in front of a three year old who wants to ride in the car so she can hold the robot girl (my GPS) and my maternal instinct goes into overdrive.
3) Gary the waiter is the best waiter ever. He is our waiter every Wednesday night for trivia and is taking the Series 7 exam tomorrow. At 7 in the a.m. I left some bottles at the bar and I called him to ask if he could see if they were still there. Yeah, I have his cell phone number. We're cool like that. Before I called he had gotten the bottles and was waiting outside in the freezing cold with them.


poetactics said...

I wandered over from Jezebel (found the link on your page, hope you don't mind!). I don't really connect with infants and am also scared of pregnancy, but find toddlers and children amazing. If I ever decided to have a child in my life, adoption would be the only way I could do it.


Allison said...

You shouldn't be scared about being pregnant. I know you're scared you can't get pregnant. You never know until you try so quit worrying!!

I only tell you the bad part about being pregnant. I never stress on the good part like feeling his leg the other day or having a great reason for everyone to touch me! Yes, I admit, I will miss being pregnant. I've never felt this close to Alex in my entire life! I've never seen him care so much for me. He painted my toe nails purple yesterday. =D It is also a good excuse too. If you forget something, if you don't want to go somewhere, or if you don't want to put make-up on.

You're going to be a great mother and I can't think of anyone else I would rather have take care of AJ if I die. Don't stress about having kids, you'll just look older.

I love you very much!

agirlnamedstewart said...

OMG Allie I love you so much. I am crying now. And if I die early, there is no one I want to take care of John more than you and Alex. :)