Friday, December 18, 2009

Just call her Miss Daisy

Whenever I watch Izzy, I try to have at least one activity that is little kid centric for her to do. I had a ton of shopping to do this week, so one day we spent about 3 hours running errands. I had to do some Christmas present buying at our local mall, which has a merry go round in the food court. I told Izzy that if she was good and listened while we went shopping, she could ride on the merry go round when we were all done. She was a STAR. When we went up to the merry go round, the operator was on break. I told her we could either wait until the operator came back or she could ride one of the little cars that shake for like 90 seconds after you put some quarters in them. She chose to ride in an ice cream truck and was super excited about it until it actually started. Then she was frozen, her eyes peeled open and her fists clenched. She didn't cry or say anything, but she was obviously freaked out. A younger girl came into the ice cream truck while it was going and started "driving" it and playing with all the buttons. Fine with me. When the ride was done, Izzy and the little girl got out and Izzy said to her, very sincerely, "Thank you for driving me."

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theitemgirl said...

That is adorable. Seriously, it deserves to be on MLIA :)