Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gold medal in gloating

It pains me a little to say this, but I could totally gold medal in gloating and judging people. I would never do that to YOU, dear reader, of course. As a way to kill time I just googled one of my exes (a friend of mine referred to someone as THE ex and I thought that was perfect. You know the ex who was your first real love, who you thought you would marry, who almost always was a super jerk? That is THE ex) and one of my former roommates. THE ex's FB profile pic is over 5 years old because I remember him sending it to me when he was in Iraq with the Marines. It's him with a big gun in front of his base entrance sign. I know it's not that big of a deal, but this guy wrote the book on "truthiness". If you saw that picture, wouldn't you assume it was recent, that he was still with the Marines, or that he was in Iraq? Nope, you would be wrong. He just did little crap like that all the time. Every waking hour. He posted a picture of someone doing some snowboard jumping stuff and he captioned it with something along the lines of, "My return to the ground wasn't quite so graceful!" You'd think it was him snowboarding, right? Well, it was a stock photo and his defense was that he never said it was him snowboarding. Good to see things haven't changed. Also, my crazy ex-roommate was another life experience that I think everyone has. She was beautiful and manipulative as all get out. She was diagnosed as being rapidly cycling bipolar and didn't take her medicine because it made her "feel weird". 7 or 8 years ago her birthday gift from me was me paying for professional headshots of her. She totally thought she was going to be the next Halle Berry. If she would have taken her meds, maybe she would be. Those pictures are what she's currently using as her profile pic on FB.
Since I'm honest and not embarrased about what I look like, my profile pic is current. Gloating completed.

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