Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh my Dog

Hey Cujo, your life would be so much better if you didn't think that ant poison was a delicious treat. You wouldn't run outside every 20 minutes to take an explosive dump and you could actually play outside with your other dog friends. I know that when you stand at the back door and dance and pant and get anxious and stare at me, it means that you either have a giant #2 locked and loaded or you are just jonesing for some more poison buffet.

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gorillaboy said...

The dog my bro and I grew up with, Shasta, had an affinity for slug bait. I just wish that slug bait had the effect that rat poison does on Cujo. My parents had to take Shasta to the 24 hour vet clinic very late at night a couple times when she was able to take in the bait. Fortunately, her desire for slug bait didn't claim her and Shasta got to live a long and happy life - We just had to watch her closely when it was slug bait application time.