Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from vacation

John and I had a WONDERFUL 5 day long vacation in Bermuda! It was part honeymoon, part family vacation. My dad does research there most summers so Brandon and I are really familiar with it. The first 3 nights John and I stayed in a dorm with my parents and in an inn/ bed and breakfast for the other 2 nights while Brandon and Emily were in the dorm with my parents. Though the vacation was relaxing it wasn't ideal. The weather was the worst I've seen on the island in all of my trips. John was a trooper but I felt badly that I couldn't take him to all the beautiful beaches and gorgeous sights I love on the island. It rained steadily our first day there so we went to the Royal Naval Dockyard. There are alot of sights to see there, but there is a large area that's a museum with several buildings on it that I've never seen before. It costs $10 to get it, but it was really worth it! It's the home of the highest ranking officer at the Naval Base and it's so beautiful. Some of the other buildings had exhibits about sailing in Bermuda, electricity in Bermuda, and one of the buildings had an area where you could swim with dolphins! Since it was a windy, rainy day, John and I just watched other people swim with dolphins. Our second day was the only day that it didn't rain. It was pretty windy and a little overcast, though. We went snorkeling at Tobacco Bay and it was GORGEOUS!!! I forgot what a site it is to walk up the hill to Tobacco Bay and go around the corner and see the bay, the beach and the ocean. Due to the wind John had to help me swim outside of the reefs that surround the bay. We saw beautiful fish: parrotfish, seargant majors, squirrelfish, and so many more! It was totally beautiful

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SquirrelGurl said...

Sorry it rained so much on your trip! That's no fun but at least you did get a day of sunshine which is better than nothing!

To brighten your day I am giving you a blog award... head on over my way to pick it up!