Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not kid-ding

I buy and wear kid's clothes. I've stopped shopping EXCLUSIVELY in the kids section because I really don't want to be on "What Not To Wear", but I will sing the praises of the girls sections of Target, Gap and Old Navy to anyone who will listen. Why pay $25 for a cotton tank top when the girls XL costs 1/3 of that? When I tell people this they are shocked because it must mean that I'm SUPER SKINNY and that I LOVE LOOKING LIKE A SIX YEAR OLD. Allow me to present photographic evidence that the girls (not juniors, actual girls) section could be the best friend to all petite gals.
The multicolored plaid shorts on the hanger are women's size 5 shorts from Target. The blue and white shorts in front are a girls XL. I didn't have a ruler to break out, but the women's shorts are about 3/4 inch longer in the waist than the girls shorts are. So, chances are that women who wear Target's size one and three have smaller waists than girls wearing the XL shorts. Also:
Do you see how the girls shorts are LONGER than the women's shorts? The rise is a smidge longer and the inseam is at least an inch longer. It's especially evident in the caboose:
That is a good deal more coverage with the girls shorts, my friends.
Guess which pair I bought? Yup, for $5 less, I bought the pair with more fabric. So the next time you think someone has to be skinny as a rail, not dress fashionably, or wear ill-fitting clothes to shop in the kids department, consider yourself schooled.

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