Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling Scrappy!

My wonderful friend ButtercupGurl has passed the Honest Scrap Award to yours truly! I have to list 10 honest things about myself. What a great way to combine my 2 favorite things: honesty and talking about myself. :)

1) I am an honest person and I'm happy most of the time. It irritates me when negative people with no couth say, "Well, at least no one has to wonder if I'm lying. I always tell my opinion." I always tell my opinion too. I'm just happy and upbeat and usually don't have anything negative to say.

2) I have no desire to birth children. I really want to be a parent and the best way for John and I to do that, I feel, is adoption. There are so many children, especially brothers and sisters who want to grow up together, who need a loving home.

3) I miss my iPhone! I LOVE my iPhone! I stepped on it in late March and gave it a nice big crack in the screen. I ordered a replacement screen but it hasn't been installed yet.

4) I have never seen the Pacific Ocean. I'm looking forward to it when I visit Oregon in August!

5) I think that a wedding day truly is the bride's day. If she wants everyone to wear bathing suits to the wedding then everyone wears bathing suits to the wedding. If she wants to have pie instead of cake, eat pie and be happy.

6) I had no clue how rewarding doing my own home repairs is till we bought our new house. It's not fun or easy but I'm learning alot and we are saving a ton of money!

7) I have the best in laws in the world.

8) I hate it when people have bad breath! Carrying some mints or gum is easy and cheap. I always offer gum to people and sometimes when they turn it down, I want to shake them. (Note to people who read this blog who I've offered gum to: I don't ONLY offer it when someone has bad breath. I also just really like to share yummy gum!)

9) I think that one spouse is required to take care of the other spouse to the same degree, if not a greater one, than they take care of themselves. Marriage is both a lifelong expression of love and a responsibility. If you want your spouse to change some aspect of themselves or their lives you can't nag and whine. You have to take action and work together to do it.

10) The only illegal drug I have ever done is drink moonshine.

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