Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009: A 4 from the Russian judges

I love Halloween. Not for the costumes or parties or candy, but because since kids are a long way in the future for us, if they're there at all, Halloween is my day to ogle many, many stranger's kids and make them happy. I love it!

This year John and I gave our fathers tickets to Clemson's homecoming as Father's Day presents. Little did we know in June that homecoming would fall on Halloween. My parents were down and we had a great time. The game was at 1:30 in the afternoon, which I thought would give us plenty of time to get back to Columbia in order to hand out candy and for John to start his rounds of Halloween partying. We left Clemson in the fourth quarter but decided to go out for a nice dinner, so we didn't get home till about 7:45. "That's not too bad", I thought to myself. When we lived in Greer I had a job that didn't end till 8 pm and I only missed the first few trick or treaters. The majority of them came between 8 and 9:30. Last year I bought $120 worth of candy (toldja I like being the favorite candy house) and we only had 2 bags left. This year I bought 9 bags at Sam's Club of all different kinds of candy. I couldn't wait! Apparently things are different here in Columbia. We got two trick or treaters. Two. All that candy and two trick or treaters. Oh well! I know for next year to be here nice and early if I want to become the favorite candy house! The best part of the night was definitely this:

John's Halloween costume of a chef, with Cujo being a lobster in a pot. Life is good.

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