Friday, November 13, 2009

The nicest man I ever talked to on the phone just got 13 years in jail.

Yup, that sums it up. The nicest man I ever talked to on the phone was sentenced to 13 years in jail today.
Rep. William Jefferson from Louisiana will have a fascinating movie made about his life in about 20-25 years. Walt from Lost, this is your Ocscar calling. The Federal police raided his home to find tens of thousands of dollars in his freezer, yet he was re-elected. During the investigation, he was on the House Committee for smalll business, prompting many jokes that he would now be keeping his cash in mini-fridges. When the FBI raided his office without a warrant, both sides of the aisle were outraged for the liberal Democrat.
When I worked in DC I, like anyone who is there a while, has some random "celebrity" sightings. Working at a lobbying office increased my chances of this. I saw Ted Kennedy at the Mayflower Hotel (Where Eliot Spitzer arranged his dalliances), President Bush's sister in law had an in-depth conversation with my then-bf and I at a charity event, so on and so forth. One day Rep. Jefferson called one of the people I supported at my old job. The person I supported wasn't able to come to the phone, so Rep. Jefferson left a message with me. While he was talking to me, he got another call. I was seriously on hold for about ten minutes. When he got on the line again, his reaction was along the lines of, "My goodness gracious! My dear, dear girl! I am so sorry! My greatest apologies! I forgot I had you on hold! Please forgive me! I am so sorry!".
Nicest. White Collar Criminal. Ever.

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