Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Husband Rocks: Part 1 in a 4,000,000 part series

John and I went out to dinner and fun times with 2 couples tonight. We went to one couple's house and had an awesome time playing games and eating DELICIOUS food. Apparently if you want to have an ice cream orgasm, try Publix's Eggnog Ice Cream. This was a pretty big deal to me because I have been strapped to the computer for the past 2 weeks and will be for about another week. I have two papers due on Thursday and just got a part time free lance writing job, with my first assignment due on Monday. I only intended to stay for about 2 hours but we were there from 4 pm till about 9, which was fine. I had a GREAT time, as did John. My workload came up several times in the conversation, and two people made disparaging comments about how I could just put the paper off, or how easy it is to write a paper. I take my graduate school very seriously and comments like these hurt more than the people who say them probably realize.
This made me so grateful that John is so kind and thoughtful and respectful when it comes to my education. He has NEVER made me feel like my classwork can be pushed aside for something that he considers more valuable. I know I am lucky, but it's nights like these that really slap me in the face with how lucky I am.
Also, there was a good chunk of time tonight that I held a sleeping 7 month old baby while John had a kitten sleeping in his lap and massaged my feet. That is my heaven.

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